Trans Forming Families:
Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones 2nd Edition, Expanded and Updated.
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Edited by Mary Boenke

Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones, is exactly that. Expanded from 31 to 40 authors, who share their personal journeys from the initial shock or resistance when first learning their loved ones (or they, themselves) were struggling with gender problems, through the various feelings, to final acceptance. The first of its kind, Trans Forming Families has become a best seller among transgendered persions and their allies. Arlene Ishtar Lev, noted trans-therapist, has written a lucid Foreword and Jessica Xavier's Introduction documents the constant public interest in trans-family relationships.

Part I includes stories by parents about their very young gender variant children, including some who begin identifying as the other gender at only two or three years old. This is, to our knowledge, the first material published by, for and about parent of these special children.

Part II is comprised of stories by parents of adult children, including family responses to loved ones' transitions. In Part III spouses and partners of transgendered men and women, including some long time partners, share their personal odysseys. Part IV is written by those crucial others - adult children, grandparents, and siblings.

Three new parts have been added. Part V includes short autobiographies by and about transgendered persons from their own experiences. In Part VI transgenders write about their experiences as parents. In part VII several therapists comment on their work with trans folks.

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About the Editor
Mary Boenke is the mother of three adult offspring, including a female- to-male son. She is a retired psychotherapist, founder and president of the Roanoke, VA PFLAG chapter, Chair of PFLAG's Transgender Network, an author, speaker, trans activist, and describes herself as a chronic rabble rouser. This is her first book which has sold out and is now into the second edition.

"No concerned parent, family member or friend of a transgendered or transsexual person can fail to be moved by these stories; an excellent resource, a book of love."
--Jamison Green, writer, gender diversity consultant, former president of FTM International, Inc.

"'Must read' is hardly adequate -- it is a must-feel, must-understand kind of book...plunges the reader into the kaleidoscopic diversity and courageous decisions of the transgendered experience."
-- Patricia Nell Warren, author of The Front Runner and The Wild Man.

"Having a transgendered child, parent, or lover can be a disorienting and lonely experience. Trans Forming Families is a bright beacon for families experiencing this type of stress, a long needed resource."
--Dallas Denny, founder and past executive director, American Educational Gender Information Services, Inc.

"Trans Forming Families is eye-opening, educational, informative, inspiring and, ultimately, a must-read book for anyone interested in learning more about an important, often-overlooked and much-misunderstood segment of the human community."
-- Dan Woog, author of Friends and Families: True Stories of Gay America's Straight Allies, and several other gay-themed books.

"The variety of people -- deaf, Iranian, gay, straight, young old, single, large families, Christian, feminist -- present an extremely diversified and rich range of experiences, stories of love by family members for the transgendered people in their lives. The confusion, humor, perplexity, and aceptance for mtfs, ftms, transsexuals, crossdressers, intersexuals and transgenders should be required reading for anyone who has the nerve to think they have the right to dictate which people are worth being loved."
-- Gary Bowen, author, activist, former Coordinator of American Boyz.