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Lori Bowden

AiYiYi Multimedia
(707) 578-0923 or (707) 578-4065

OBJECTIVE: To design, illustrate, animate and program internet and multimedia projects.


Over 15 years of experience designing and implementing Computer Graphics projects. My experience includes programming, graphic design, animation, game design, user interface design, documentation review and quality assurance.

Software: Fractal Painter, Director, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Net Objects Fusion, Debabelizer, Photoshop, GIF Construction Set,  Streamline, Kai's Power Tools, Word

Programming Languages: C, C++, Lingo, HTML and JavaScript

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows and Mac platforms

Sample URLS:

NorthPoint Communications, Media Mall, Get In-Line Skate Shop, Wily Eye Productions, AiYiYi MultimediaWater Whiners Bulletin Board.


  • Created/prepared hundreds of high-quality, low bandwidth images for the web from original artwork and scans.
  • Designed and implemented GIF and Shockwave animations.
  • Built web sites with hand-written HTML and web authoring tools.
  • Gained extensive knowledge of HTML programming including tables, frames, forms, single pixel GIF tricks and browser quirks and bugs.
  • Created an educational children's game (in Macromedia Director) which was chosen as a finalist in the 1997 Macromedia People's Choice Awards. My activities included project management, game design, creation of game characters and pieces, animation and Lingo programming.
  • Coordinated sounds and music with animation.
  • Managed and programmed computer graphics products for headlining, painting, layout and presentation graphics with output to video, film and print.
  • Implemented projects using Object Oriented design and programming.
  • Wrote software for creating vector animation, interpolating between key frames and animating game characters.
  • Designed and implemented user interfaces for graphics programs.
  • Performed Quality assurance testing for graphics applications and multimedia and internet projects.
  • Handled grading, tutoring and individual student interaction for a creative problem solving class of 250 students.

Inventor on US Patent #5588107: ``Method and Apparatus for Selectably Expandable Menus".

First Prize winner in 1/2 sheet category of the American Plywood Association/Popular Science One  Sheet Plywood Contest.


1994 - Present

Freelance Designer/Artist/Programmer - Santa Rosa, California

1986 - 1994:

Senior Software Engineer, Island Graphics Corporation - Larkspur, California

1982 - 1986:

Software Engineer, Computer Graphics Laboratories Inc. - Long Island, New York

1980 - 1982:

Teaching Assistant, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois

1977 -1979

Freelance Graphic Designer, Research Assistant for the YACC, U.S. Forestry Service



MS in Environmental Design, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois
Masters Thesis: Computer Animation Film
Designed and implemented software for generating computer animation and produced a 2 1/2  minute film synchronized to a soundtrack. The project involved programming, storyboarding, graphic design, coordinating computer images with sound, and filming.


BA in Comprehensive Planning and Design,  Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Illinois
Areas of concentration: Product Design and Development, Graphic Design, Systems Analysis and Products for Special Populations.

REFERENCES: Upon request

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